What is Betaspring?

Betaspring is a mentorship-driven Providence-based startup accelerator program for technology and design entrepreneurs who are ready to build a product, launch a company, and change the world.

Interested? Check out the overview of the Betaspring program or take a look at some of the people who will be advising you.

In a few hours we'll open our doors to 300+ guests who are gathering to meet and welcome the startups participating in our Spring 2014 accelerator. The house is buzzing as the companies polish their... more »
Since 2013, Betaspring has expanded it's sessions to include a few cool entrepreneurs who shadow the accelerator and add value in unique ways. From first-time entrepreneurs building their initial... more »
  Join us on April 24 for Betaspring's Spring 2014 Open House at 5:30pm. Meet the Spring 2014 Betaspring companies and catch up with our alums, mentors, and the people & companies... more »
Researchers from the MIT Sloan School of Management and the University of Richmond  took to the stage yesterday at SXSW to share results of a months-long review of U.S. startup accelerators. The... more »
If my life were a Disney movie, today would be “Lion King” day. I’d go to the highest rocky outcropping I could find and hold up to the world each of the founders who will join us this weekend for... more »