Thryve is Live!

Whether you have food allergies or are trying to lose weight, food affects how you feel. But tracking calories and grams of fat doesn't get at how food affects your mood, energy level, and overall sense of wellness. That's where Thryve comes in. The Thryve app is a mobile food coach that focuses on tracking what you eat and how it makes you feel to help you understand what's best while enhancing your relationship with food long-term.

77 The Thryve mobile food coach went live yesterday and is available in the App Store. You can read some early press about the launch in

Thryve focuses on the basics when it comes to tracking your meals (think picture plus some basic info), and can help give you insight into little choices you can make each day to have a more balanced diet that makes you feel better and live better, in a way that is always fun and always easy to understand.

Thryve co-founder and CEO Caleb Oller will demo the Thryve app live on stage at the Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco on October 8th. Thryve was invited out to San Francisco to present at Health2.0 after winning 'audience favorite' at the May Health2.0 Conference in Boston.

This is the second product brought to market by Thryve. Earlier this fall Caleb and co-founder Nicole Mercer launched Foster, the world's sexiest medication management tool. Foster makes it easy to organize your medication schedule, set reminders, and track how your meds make you feel. It also finds the cheapest prices for your medications and lets you share your recent medication history with those you trust. One special feature that makes Foster especially effective and simple to use is the Foster Tree. The tree gives you instant feedback on how you’re adhering to your prescription schedule. Take your meds consistently and as prescribed, the tree will flourish; miss doses and it will start to wither.

So check out Thryve and get going on a path to living and eating better.