Rate the Pres Debates in Real Time with ThumbsUp

Thumbs Up, a free service that lets TV viewers instantly react to and share moments of live TV, today announced a new app for the National Presidential Debates. With this app – available on computer, mobile phone or tablet at www.ratethedebate.org - this Betaspring alum is enabling everyone to rate the debates in real-time and see how the audience is rating as they watch.

Thumbs Up built Rate the Debate as a service to allow voters to easily and instantly voice their opinion about the debates. At the launch, viewers select whether they are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or prefer not to say. As the viewers watch they hit buttons to indicate if they like or dislike a moment of the debate.

Because Rate the Debate is based on simple touch gestures, the aggregated sentiment is visualized in real-time, making this data available at scale to the public for the first time ever.

“We hope Rate the Debate plays an important role in the debate analysis and lets voters, journalists, networks and campaigns gain more insight into the debates than ever before. At it’s core, Rate the Debate is a tool to see which moments of the debate – and which issues - really resonate with voters,” said Cass Sapir, CEO of Thumbs Up.

Thumbs Up will release the data to the public along with an analytics dashboard so anyone can re-watch and further analyze moments from the debate. The data can be broken down by party affiliation and geo-location, to gain insight into the sentiment of, for example, independent and swing-state voters.

About Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up is the magic button for TV. You watch a show. You love a moment of that show. And you can instantly share that moment with friends. Through a plug-and-play API, TV shows integrate Thumbs Up into any second-screen app to establish a real-time connection with their audience. Thumbs Up lets the audience vote, rate and share great moments of a show with one touch in real-time - enabling new, interactive TV experiences that increase viewer engagement, live viewership and ad revenue. Thumbs Up was founded in Boston in 2011 by Cass Sapir and Matt Higgins. For more information, please visit http://www.thumbsupapp.com/api.html