GBooking Lands Investment with Yandex

Betaspring company GBooking recently announced that Yandex, the Google of Russia, has made an investment in the company. 

GBooking, who came to Betaspring this spring from Israel, is a web platform for search, comparison and booking for services that uses stochastic algorithms for resource optimization of service providers. GBooking’s platform uses a unique mathematical model to automatically adjust the cost of a service based on the time of day and the current workload of the shop.

Yandex operates the largest search engine in Russia and also develops a number of Internet-based services and products. With more than 3 billion searches, Yandex is ranked as the 5th largest search engine worldwide.  This investment is part of Yandex’s global investment program to help high-potential start ups through funding and expert advice.  

"This milestone is of high importance for the company", says GBooking CEO Alex Naslednikov. "We see a lot of synergy between our product and Yandex’s products and will work hard to realize the full potential of this fruitful partnership".

Please join us in congratulating GBooking!