Makers: Betaspring Seeks PhysTech Companies for Spring Accelerator Session; Applications Due November 18

Earlier this year, Betaspring expanded it's network of mentors and resources to develop a dedicated track for physical technology companies.  Accelerating physical technology companies is a natural fit for Betaspring, with Providence providing us with a strong community of makers, DIY technologists, and direct access to supporting organizations like the Rhode Island School of Design, the Steelyard, AS220 and the new AS220 FabLab.

We don't pick favorites, but two of our star alumni companies are building physical technology ventures that serve as strong examples of Betaspring's interest in and ability to accelerate seed ventures with a physical technology bent.

Betaspring '09 alum NuLabel Technologies is developing new label technology that allows for the production of labels without liners. On typical labels, the non-stick label backing - the liner - is non-recyclable, consumes valuable space on label rolls, and is the most expensive part of the label. Liners generate 3 million tons of landfill waste each year. After many months of prototyping and exploration into materials and process, NuLabel found a novel solution with has the industry buzzing.

"Betaspring helped us scale 10x faster than if we were on our own as a young company. The Betaspring network gets it done," said NuLabel CEO Max Winograd.

NuLabel’s first offering, the NuV Solution, consists of two products: liner-free NuV Labels and the NuV Add-On. NuV Labels replace labels’ traditional, always-tacky adhesive with an activate-able adhesive that becomes tacky after the label exits the label printer. The NuV Add-On is a printer attachment to the front of label printers that activates the NuV Label’s polymer-adhesive as the label exits the printer, eliminating the need for the liner.

Betaspring alums GreenGoose are also showing off how digital meets physical with a product that uses wireless sensors to turn everyday activities and household products into interactive fun. GreenGoose's lifestyle game platform is enabled by wireless sensors that automatically measure personal behaviors with sensors that stick to objects such as toys, pets, water bottles, toothbrushes, and household objects. Online games are played by doing things in the real-world that are wirelessly transmitted to the GreenGoose platform.

Betaspring is encouraging physical technologists and serious makers who are ready to take their business idea to the next level to apply for our spring session, which kicks off in Providence on February 6.  Applications are due November 18.  Early applicants--those who apply by November 7--will be eligible to participate in a day of awesome programming at Betaspring on December 5 to meet alums, other entrepreneurs, and heavy hitters from our mentor network. 
Don't let another season pass you by: build the company you want to build, and do it in 12 weeks.  Apply now.