Doubling Down in 2011

Happy New Year, all! 

Betaspring has mostly been keeping communications going with newsletters and tweets, but you can expect this blog to be more active in 2011, as we've got a lot to talk about. Our alumni companies from '09 and '10 are rocking, and we are on an expansion tear for '11 and '12.

Here's the skinny.

Program Expansion: For Summer '11, Betaspring will add a physical technologies track, in addition to our current web+mobile track. We've included physical technology companies in each of the past two years' programs, ranging from toys to niche industrial applications, from sensors to consumer medical devices. Our home base, Providence, does physical tech quite well, with a thriving industrial design community, a talent base of designers and engineers at RISD and Brown, and a nationally recognized maker movement (AS220 Labs, the Steelyard). Plus, its New England. People make stuff here.

We see many of the aspects of internet economics and consumer behaviors coming to physical technologies - sensors, toys, consumer med and wellness, long-tail electronics. Rapid prototyping, supplier networks, customer validation, pre-ordering and early adopter marketing are enabling a smoother ramp for lean hardware startups to get to their initial markets. It's a bit of a risk as the exit models are still evolving, but we agree that "Atoms are the new Bits". 

So we'll take up to 10 physical tech companies this summer, in addition to the up to 10 web+mobile. The application process is the same, though you'll indicate which program you are applying for.

Key Dates: Exact dates will be released in the next few days, but generally applications will run from FEB to Mid-March, with a chance to visit Betaspring in that window. We'll have finalists in the middle of April. Program start in June, running through the end of August. Best time to be in Providence!

Job Openings: Many of our alumni companies, like DiJiPOP, NuLabel, Jobzle and Tracelytics are hiring. So are we. Check out the Jobs link to find out about our Community Coordinator, Office Manager, and Intern openings.