The Betaspring Process

How to get in.

Apply! The application process is short and will ask nothing you don’t already know. It is also very competitive. Early applicants receive priority review and may be eligible for an in person visit -- a part of the process typically reserved for finalists.

Selection: We read applications as they are submitted and let companies know quickly if we are interested. If a company passes an initial review, they advance to a 10-minute interview. The next step--for companies who progress--is a 30-minute interview. Finalist interviews last about an hour. Other conversations/interviews may be requested if we need more information to fully evaluate a company.

Finalists are notified if they are going to recieve an offer to join. We try not to leave anyone hanging too long, as the process from application to program start moves quickly.

Then what?

Starting up: Selected teams will receive more information on orientation and program expectations upon acceptance.

Build/Sell/Grow: For thirteen weeks, Betaspring provides you with an environment where you can focus on building, testing, selling, and scaling. This is your chance to put a concentrated effort into going faster, and we will assist in every way to help you be as productive as possible in developing/aquiring more customers, deploying products/services, and amplifying a clear message to the world about your company. Three times a week, you will meet Betaspring mentors over lunch, dinner, or a whiteboard session to learn from their experience and expertise, share your progress, and receive crucial feedback and guidance.

Demo: At the end of the 13 weeks, you will present your product and company pitch to investors during a series of "Launch Week" events. Our shared goal is to help you exit the accelerator on a fast, upwards trajectory toward your company's specific growth objectives.

We offer 10 weeks of free office space to our companies following the conclusion of the program to help you build runway. This is optional, of course, but many of our alumni companies appreciate this time to keep momentum and stay deeply connected to their peers. 

We maintain an active alumni network for alumni that are both near and far. With 90 companies under our belt, we have an awesome community full of insights and peer-to-peer support.