• Allan Tear |

    Allan is co-founder and managing partner of Betaspring. Through Betaspring, Allan has worked with 89 high-growth startups and managed a portfolio of companies that has raised more than $50M+ in follow-on funding.  As a technology entrepreneur, Allan has founded three venture-funded startups.  He has served as an advisor and in board leadership roles for more than a dozen startups across the U.S.  Allan is an active angel investor in early stage technology companies and advises national, state, and local government on nurturing high-growth startup ecosystems.

    He is a lead partner in the Founders League, one of New England's premier co-working community and entrepreneurial support platforms. In 2012, he was named an inaugural Rhode Island Innovation Fellow by the Rhode Island Foundation.  For his Fellowship, Allan launched RallyRI, a project to launch a startup revolution in economic sectors where Rhode Island has untapped potential.   Allan is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with B.S. degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Public Policy. 


  • Melissa Withers |

    Betaspring Director Melissa Withers has been running accelerator operations since 2012. She also serves as Managing Director of RevUp, the next evolution in Betaspring's mission to build great companies. RevUp is the first startup accelerator for companies where growth through revenue is the primary goal. Her top priority: harnessing the power of Betaspring's mentor network to help our portfolio companies win big. In her role as a startup mentor, her skills are primarily in PR, customer experience design/ customer discovery, and get-to-market communications.

    Melissa is also co-founder of Founders League, a co-working and entrepreneurial support platform launched in 2013. She began her career as Assistant Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with a unique role managing communications for the Human Genome Project, one of the largest publicly funded science ventures in U.S. history. Following, she was co-founder and Executive Director of the Business Innovation Factory, a global leader in the design and testing of  new and disruptive business models in areas of high social impact.  She's held positions within state and municipal government and holds a graduate degree from Northeastern University, where she studied science and technical communications. Not athletic by birth or stature, she compensates by spending as much time as possible running, backpacking and road cycling.

  • Owen Johnson |

    Owen is co-founder of Betaspring and served as managing partner of Betaspring from 2009-2014. His past ventures include Investment Instruments Corporation, provider of online residential real estate services Rentomatic.com and Rentometer.com; and Interdimensions Corporation, a high-growth interactive agency. In 2004, he founded Connect Providence, a group helping to connect newcomers to the City of Providence, RI. In 2009, he started the Providence chapter of the Awesome Foundation. He is Co-Founder & Chairman of Revival Brewing Company  and currently serves on the board of directors for Location, Inc.

    He regularly mentors aspiring entrepreneurs, has been a team mentor for the MIT 100k Business Plan Competition, and a business plan judge for the Brown Entrepreneurship Program Business Plan Competition. Owen holds an S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is an active member of the MIT alumni community.

  • Jack Templin |

    Jack is a founder and partner of Betaspring. He consults to startups and larger companies on developing and implementing online strategies. Prior to moving to Rhode Island from New York City, Jack was a Lead Strategist at iXL (now Microsoft), and co-founded Arc, a venture-backed consultancy widely recognized as a leader in the field of customer experience design.

     As Co-Founder of Providence Geeks, Jack plays a leading role in Rhode Island’s burgeoning info-tech and digital media sector. Jack is a graduate of Middlebury College with a B.A. in Economics., and has a Masters from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). He has served as an adjunct faculty member at both ITP and Columbia.